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Hello my friends, my name is Benny Medina and I'd like to welcome you to my web site Ice Vending Machines. I know it may seem like an obscure topic for a web site, but the truth is I made my bones selling and servicing vending machines. Back in the day, refrigerators were called ice boxes, because it was the daily ice deliveries that kept the food cold. But with the advent of home refrigeration, the ice business has changed. Now, one can purchase ice almost anywhere, especially with the use of vending machines. So whatever information you need on ice vending machines, I hope to provide that for you here. And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Vending Ice Machines

If you are the type of business person who likes being independent, then it is the vending ice machines business you should consider starting on your own. It all starts with getting the right and high quality vending ice machines which will produce your ice products out of clean water.

For the amount of profit that you can expect from vending ice machines, it depends entirely on the number of machines you will have and how efficient each would work for you. There are several crucial factors that you should consider before you even start your business which involves vending ice machines.

A vending ice machines business requires a great mix of a sustainable supply of products along with the right locations where you will place them. It may sound complicated but if you will take the time to analyze the elements of the business which requires these vending ice machines, then all the more that you can earn profit from it.

The location where you will place your vending ice machines is the most crucial of all. It should not just be a high traffic venue but also consider the market you are targeting with your vending ice machines. However, it is a sure win-win situation if you will have it placed in locations where there are always people who would find the need to have some clean ice. Others even just place it near their house within their own neighborhood with their target customers as their neighbors alone.

The most common places you would find vending ice machines located are at malls, coffee shops, pubs, schools, skating rinks and auto repair centers. Just in case you place your vending ice machines in a location where there are few people dropping or passing by, then create a certain alarm system for the security of your own business.

Finally, make sure that you have the money allotted for the vending ice machines. It will not cost you as much as the other machines out there for other types of business but you should be able to get the best ones out there in the market. Remember that the vending ice machines are the only thing that you would have to take care of the most for it is the lifeline of your ice vending business. Your business will take off as a successful one if only you would take note of these crucial factors.

Ice Vending machines

Ice vending can be a lucrative business if you do it right, it can be done with selling ready-made ice to retailers like gas stations or setting up ice vending machines.

Ice vending machines are the most popular choice, as it doesn’t not require any overhead and minor maintenance fees. And once you find a good location with location for your ice vending business, you’re all set. Best places to place an ice vending machine will include gas stations and hotels.

If you are starting an ice vending machine chain business be sure to get your machines from a wholesaler for the best prices, if you are buying ice vending machines one at a time then buying it at a wholesaler won’t be possible as they only sell products in bulk.

The most profitable season for ice vending business is Summer, and during the winter months it is advisable that you have your machines at hotels instead of gas stations.

With all the innovations in ice vending machines, it’s best to keep up with them, for example, a lot of ice vending machines has alternative payment methods including credit and debit card payments. Their quality has also improved during the year with more reliable materials that requires less maintenance. Your average ice vending machine can last up to 10-15 years without maintenance.

When your ice vending machine makes ice it is imperative that you use mineral water as tap water otherwise known has hard water can damage your machine over time.